Heavenly Angel Wings Ornaments That Will Touch Your Christmas Decor

Heavenly Angel Wings Ornaments That Will Touch Your Christmas Decor

Discover the ethereal beauty of angel wings ornaments, a perfect addition to your Christmas decoration. From gilded wings to heartwarming remembrances, this blog post explores these beautiful angelic ornaments with a friendly and humorous twist.

Ah, the heavenly allure of angel wings ornaments! These ethereal decorations add a touch of celestial beauty to your Christmas decor, making your tree truly divine. In this blog post, we’ll embark on a journey through the enchanting world of angel wing ornaments, from gilded wings to heartwarming remembrances. So, prepare to be swept off your feet, or should we say, off your wings, as we dive into this celestial adventure!

Wrapped in Heart: Gilded Angel Wings Ornament

Let’s begin with a touch of opulence and heartwarming elegance. The “Wrapped in Heart” Gilded Angel Wings Ornament adds a hint of gold and charm to your tree. This beautiful ornament is an ideal choice for those looking to create an angelic ambiance with a touch of sophistication.

Wrapped in Heart: Gilded Angel Wings Ornament
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BESTOYARD 10Pcs Christmas Angel Ornaments: Remembrance Angel Wings Picture Christmas Tree Decor

With the BESTOYARD Christmas Angel Ornaments, you get not one, but ten angelic decorations to adorn your tree. These remembrance angel wings ornaments are perfect for creating a serene and heartfelt Christmas atmosphere. They allow you to celebrate and remember loved ones in a beautiful way.

81LqY1bWIyL. AC UL320
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Angel Wings 6″ Silver Glitter Ornament

Looking for a touch of sparkle? The Angel Wings Silver Glitter Ornament adds a touch of celestial shimmer to your tree. With its 6-inch size, it’s a statement piece that beautifully captures the light and creates a magical holiday atmosphere.

4153v25Y7HL. AC UL320
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Christmas Paw Ornament Pendant Decoration: Dog Cat and Snow Customized Decoration

For pet lovers, the Christmas Paw Ornament Pendant is a unique choice. This ornament beautifully combines the spirit of Christmas with the love for your furry friends. It’s a touching and personalized way to celebrate the special bond you share with your pets during the holiday season.

71rzWmppTAL. AC UL320
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Talataca Breast Cancer Awareness BC Support Pink Ribbon Angel Wing 2D Flat Christmas Ornament

The Talataca Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Angel Wing Ornament is not only a symbol of support but also a beautiful addition to your tree. With its 2D flat design, it’s a unique and meaningful choice for raising awareness and honoring those affected by breast cancer during the holiday season.

81HdTvL7uDL. AC UL320
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Talataca Shih Tzu Shitzu Sleeping Angel Wing Dog Lover Farmhouse 2D Flat Christmas Tree Wood Ornament

Shih Tzu lovers, this one’s for you! The Talataca Shih Tzu Sleeping Angel Wing Ornament celebrates the adorable breed. Its 2D flat design adds a touch of farmhouse charm to your tree, making it a delightful choice for dog enthusiasts.

817CWBkUdSL. AC UL320
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Memorial Ornament: “A Piece Of My Heart Is In Heaven”, Angel Wings Ornament

For those cherishing the memory of loved ones, the “A Piece Of My Heart Is In Heaven” Angel Wings Ornament is a heartwarming choice. It allows you to remember and honor those who are no longer with us, keeping their memory alive during the holiday season.

71s55198WnL. AC UL320
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Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Prayer Angel Wings Ornament

Jim Shore brings a touch of artistry to Christmas with the Prayer Angel Wings Ornament. With intricate craftsmanship and a heartwarming design, this ornament is perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance and faith on their tree.

616ZUC8D TL. AC UL320
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Precious Moments 201455 Carried On Angel Wings to Heaven Ceramic Ornament

The Precious Moments Carried On Angel Wings to Heaven Ceramic Ornament beautifully captures the spirit of heaven and the love we hold for those who have passed on. It’s a serene and touching addition to your tree, reminding us that love transcends time and space.

71yEnsS54UL. AC UL320
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Hallmark Keepsake 0.88″ Miniature Christmas Ornament

Hallmark offers a delightful miniature angel wings ornament that fits perfectly in small spaces. This 0.88″ Keepsake ornament adds a touch of elegance and simplicity to your tree, showcasing the beauty of angelic wings in a small package.

A1dCdghHqPL. AC UL320
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Part of My Heart is in Christmas Memorial Angel Wing Ornament Pendant Wing Memorial Ornament

The “Part of My Heart is in Christmas” Memorial Angel Wing Ornament Pendant is a unique and heartfelt choice for those who want to remember loved ones during the holiday season. This ornament allows you to keep their memory close to your heart, adding a touch of remembrance to your Christmas tree.

71lI63vcAOL. AC UL320
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Eforcase Angel Wings Tealight Candle Holder Ornament

Eforcase presents an angel wings tealight candle holder ornament, combining the beauty of angels with the warmth of candlelight. This dual-purpose ornament adds a touch of grace and a cozy ambiance to your Christmas decor.

510tgPmnSYL. AC UL320
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Enesco Izzy and Oliver Angel Wings Loved One Remembrance Hanging Ornament

The Enesco Izzy and Oliver Angel Wings Loved One Remembrance Hanging Ornament is a beautiful and touching way to remember and honor loved ones. With its elegant design, it adds a sense of grace and serenity to your tree, creating a memorial space during the holidays.

71Y419Kmr1L. AC UL320
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Precious Moments 231018 Wishing You Joyful Sounds of The Season Annual Angel Bisque Porcelain Ornament

Precious Moments continues to inspire with the Annual Angel Bisque Porcelain Ornament. This angelic ornament is a symbol of joy and serenity, creating a peaceful atmosphere on your Christmas tree. It’s a collectible piece that adds a touch of tradition to your holiday decor.

71nx2BsCj9L. AC UL320
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Solid Oak Kit Bead Ornament: Crystal Angel Gold

The Solid Oak Kit Bead Ornament in the form of a Crystal Angel in Gold is a crafty and elegant choice for those who love DIY ornaments. It’s a creative way to add a personal touch to your tree, and the finished result is a stunning crystal angel, ready to shine in your holiday decor.

714bq1WidzL. AC UL320
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Gogogmee Crystal Angel Ornament: Decorative Art Crystal Angel Praying Angel Statue Church Wings Angel

The Gogogmee Crystal Angel Ornament is a decorative masterpiece, capturing the elegance of a praying angel. With its intricate design and sparkling crystals, it’s a unique and artful addition to your Christmas tree, adding a touch of church-inspired beauty to your holiday decor.

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Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas for you

Custom Personalized Besties Acrylic Ornament Christmas 2022 Ornament

Commemorate your best friendship with our “Besties” Acrylic Christmas 2022 Ornament. This personalized ornament is a special way to celebrate the bonds that make the holiday season even more memorable.

Besties Ornament

Custom Personalized In Loving Memory Pet Ornament

Honor the memory of your beloved pet with our “In Loving Memory” Pet Ornament. This customized ornament serves as a beautiful tribute, allowing you to cherish the moments you shared with your furry friend during the holiday season.

Pet Ornament

Custom Personalized Off-road Ornament Custom Name Christmas Ornament

For off-road enthusiasts, our “Off-Road” Custom Name Christmas Ornament is a fantastic addition to your holiday decorations. Customize it with your name and show your passion for adventure during the festive season.

Off-Road Ornament


Angel wings ornaments are not just decorations; they’re a symbol of hope, love, and remembrance. From gilded elegance to heartfelt remembrances, these ornaments bring a touch of serenity to your holiday decor. Stay tuned for more insights and recommendations as we continue our journey in a friendly and humorous manner. Get ready to spread your wings and add a heavenly touch to your Christmas tree!

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